Wake Up to the Best View on Cape Cod

One of the small pleasures of being by the ocean is taking a moment to appreciate the exquisite beauty of your surroundings. From the gentle breezes to the glistening waves on the horizon, not many things in this world can top the idyllic charm of an oceanside view.

Situated atop a natural bluff overlooking the ocean, Lighthouse Station offers these views and so much more. With five buildings spanning as many acres of land in historic Woods Hole Village, Lighthouse Station was designed in the classic white cedar shingle style architecture that has become synonymous with Cape Cod. Imagine waking up every day to picture-perfect oceanside views across Little Harbor and Vineyard Sound – this dream can become reality with ownership at Lighthouse Station.


Quintessentially Cape Cod

A stone’s throw from Lighthouse Station is historic Woods Hole: a seaside village known the world over for both its contributions to science and one-of-a-kind community personality. Lighthouse Station residents are a few minutes stroll from the village’s bustling restaurant scene, with local favorites like Water Street Kitchen, Quicks Hole Tavern, Pie in the Sky Bakery, and more. Or they can take the ferry to Oak Bluff for an afternoon lunch on the Vineyard. Enjoy easy access to nearby Falmouth, an active community with enough shops to meet any shopping need.

Woods Hole Fast Facts:

  • 80-minute drive to Boston/Logan Airport 

  • 3-minute drive to bustling Falmouth Center 

  • Wooded walking trails 

  • Access to Shining Sea Bikeway: a robust 10.7 mile bike path

  • Year-Round Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket 

  • Free, resident-only access to Nobska and Stony Beaches

Woods Hole is also home to a world-renowned center for science and marine research. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) has made significant strides in studying our planet’s oceans and was also the launch site for the expedition that located the final resting place of the RMS Titanic. The  Woods Hole Science Aquarium, Marine Biological Lab, Ocean Science Discovery Center, and Historical Museum are all open to the public and just steps away from Lighthouse Station.


Woods Hole Community

  • Plentiful shops, restaurants, and cafes
  • Start of the Falmouth Road Race
  • 4th of July Parade
  • Public Library


At Lighthouse Station, history is in your own backyard. Located on the grounds just behind Building E, is the Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome: a feat of structural engineering and architectural design. The Dome was commissioned by Gunnar Peterson to provide the main dining space for the Nautilus Motor Inn Restaurant. In 2002, the structure was abandoned when the restaurant closed. As part of the ongoing development of Lighthouse Station, we’ve been working closely with the Town of Falmouth and the MA Historical Society to preserve the integrity of the structure and restore the Dome so that it can continue to inspire generations to come.